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“Amber is a born healer. Her manner and instincts are perfect!
I have been working with her to reduce my peri-menopause symptoms – hot flashes and the hormonal emotional roller coaster. Western doctors recommended hormone replacement therapy, which I was unwilling to use. Instead, a program of acupuncture and herbs has given me tremendous relief. My hot flashes went from almost unbearable to almost unnoticeable. A survey of family members and close work colleagues confirmed what I felt – my mood is back to even again. I am so grateful for Amber’s healing touch!”

– P. L.

The plethora of natural processes women’s bodies undergo can leave women in constant pain or discomfort. Some of the health issues that arise are frequently debilitating, taking over a woman’s life both emotionally and physically.

Do you count yourself among the thousands of women who attempt to carry on, without addressing those crippling problems because your understanding is that it is ‘normal’? These issues are indeed common, but they are not normal. Menstrual cramps that keep you home from work or that are accompanied by migraines and nausea is common, but not normal.

If you have extreme fluctuations in emotions like irritability, anger, sadness, depression, you are not alone- this is common, but not normal. If you have hot flashes during the day and your sleep is interrupted by night sweats, this is very common, but not normal.

The symptoms women experience are caused by an imbalance of hormones, inflammation, and / or sluggish circulation through the reproductive organs. At The Vitality Center there are a range of treatments available to counter the symptoms that cause a host of women’s issues.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been proven to effectively treat the many symptoms that can accompany the cycle- in all of its stages. We are able to accurately diagnose the underlying cause that symptoms stem from, which allows for precise treatment and faster relief. In many cases ‘normal is boring’, but in this case, normal means relief! Let’s get you back to normal.