This beautiful community of people has brought us more joy than we ever imagined.

Here are Just a Few of the Amazing Lives We are Proud to Have Been a Part of.
Our patients put their lives and futures into our hands, and we couldn’t be more grateful for their willingness to jump into a life of transformation.
We are well aware of the faith that they put in us and we honor that with dedicating ourselves to providing them with results.

“I genuinely feel that my life has changed in a continental shift sort-of way. It doesn’t feel temporary, it doesn’t feel instantaneous, it wasn’t a quick fix. It was work and time, and I think that is the best part. It was me making a choice to dedicate myself to care and to improving my life overall. So for me, my life has changed drastically but I think it has also changed permanently”. –Lizzie B.

“Amber was able to cure things that even my regular physician was recommending possible surgical intervention, but I thought, ‘before I go down that road maybe there is a better path to treatment’. It turned out there was”. –Craig M.

“I was new to acupuncture and totally nervous about it when I came to Amber. I don’t like needles but I have been having some problems with my breathing and couldn’t get any answers from National Jewish or any other doctor I saw. I was getting desperate and after meeting Amber I felt immediately comforted and like she really cared and was willing to listen. I’ve had doctors tell me my problems were all in my head and it was such a relief to meet a professional and caring person who had confidence in her ability to help me and really listened to what I said and BELIEVED me!

I was so impressed with her ability to feel my pulse and verify all the symptoms I was having. She created a personalized and comprehensive plan for me, including acupuncture, herbal medicine, and a diet plan. She also looked at my entire health and didn’t just focus on one thing. She believes that everything is connected and one symptom is often related to another. I find this to resonate with me and after seeing her some peripheral issues I was having are completely resolved, and we didn’t even focus on them!

Every time I go in a feel comfortable and like I’m in good hands. She knows I’m nervous about the needles so she works with me and is quick and efficient, and never puts in more than she has to. Once they are in I can’t feel it at all and I’ve literally had some of the best naps of my life there! The music in each room is different, so you never get tired of the same stuff, and it’s all excellent. She’s always making sure I’m comfortable and gives me a call button in case something becomes uncomfortable or even if I just have an itch.

My symptoms have been rapidly improving since I started seeing Amber. There is less frequency and severity of my symptoms and I am SO grateful! It’s so refreshing to meet a person who is helpful and able, AND really cares and listens. She frequently changes up the treatment based on what I am feeling or need. She is always checking in with me to see how things are progressing.

I even came in with the beginnings of a cold and she gave me some herbal medicine that was like magic! With her help I beat the cold before it even really got started.

I have been telling all my family and friends to go see Amber, I HIGHLY recommend her and her practice.” –Courtney N.


It’s been a long road for me, but I am so happy to discovered your clinic and your holistic talents. When I met you I was definitely struggling and looking for relief that didn’t leave me unsettled, numb and lost. I can honestly say during the past few months, your therapies and knowledge, my own personal development and custom herbies has moved the light within me to finally start to shine!! I am grateful to have had the opportunity to have been treated by you and will continue to seek your guidance whenever I’m in need. Thank you for all your efforts and dedication you provided to me. The Vitality Center has been a gift in my life and I will cherish my healing journey with you and Brittney always.


“I had been dealing with severe back pain for almost one year. It had gotten so bad that I wasn’t able to do a lot of the things that I enjoy doing. I wasn’t able to work out I like to work out, even simple things like taking care of my granddaughter. Everything was really uncomfortable. As an advocate of Acupuncture, I had been seeing a different practitioner who was somewhat helpful but I had not gotten complete relief. I met Amber at her health booth – It was immediately obvious she took her work very seriously and was very accomplished.

Two months later, I have resumed all my previous activities, including Zumba at my normal intensity level!!! This is huge, as working out regularly is key to my sense of well being. Amber is highly skilled and trained in a different acupuncture technique. In addition, her knowledge and application of Chinese Herbal Medicine is spot on. I highly recommend Amber and the Vitality Center- Acupuncture is effective for a wide variety of conditions.  This, and the use of herbs and dietary assessments provide a comprehensive program for health restoration and maintenance.” -Denise D.

“I had a lot of trouble when I first moved to Colorado. I had a lot of bloating and gas and I just felt really heavy and extremely tired. It was hard to get up in the mornings, it was hard to stay awake through the evening until bedtime. I just didn’t have the energy that I thought I would in this sunshine state. I took Amber’s advice and how wonderful it was to have everything, everything, disappear within a week! The ringing in the ears was gone, the bloating was gone, I was waking up before the alarm clock, I returned to all of my hobbies- I like to go to in the evenings. I am ever so grateful for how wonderful I feel now. “ –Pat

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I decided to work with Amber Hollis, an acupuncturist and Chinese medicine herbalist, for a variety of issues: Hormones, immune, circulatory and digestive systems, joint pain and STRESS.  I’m very excited for her program and wanted to share it with everyone because I believe this acupuncturist can help with anything!

Amber Hollis has created The Vitality Center in order to treat the person as a whole. She was trained in an ancient form of acupuncture that treats the root causes of dysfunction in systems and organs.

When I started I felt like I had fibromyalgia or arthritis. Amber started me on Chinese herbs and we looked at possible food allergies.  By my third week of treatment I had help with insomnia and now at the end of my program my joint pain is virtually gone, stress level has balanced out, immune system is at peak performance and I’ve had huge strides in the circulatory and digestive issues. She hones in on what’s going on and keeps you moving towards your target.” -Mrs. J

“Acne was a new phenomenon for me when I entered my 20’s. It came into my life suddenly and drastically shifted my self-esteem and confidence. I spent countless amounts of money on face washes, dermatologist appointments, scrubs, medication, facials etc. I had actually given up and accepted my new fate when I found The Vitality Center. My acne completely disappeared within two weeks, and I haven’t had a break out since. I am forever grateful to Amber for doing what no one else could. I do not think there is a single thing she cannot treat.” -Brittney

“Amber is a born healer. Her manner and instincts are perfect! I have been working with her to reduce my peri menopause symptoms – hot flashes and the hormonal emotional roller coaster. Western doctors recommended hormone replacement therapy, which I was unwilling to use. Instead, a program of acupuncture and herbs has given me tremendous relief. My hot flashes went from almost unbearable to almost unnoticeable. A survey of family members and close work colleagues confirmed what I felt – my mood is back to even again. I am so grateful for Amber’s healing touch!” –P. L.

“I am so thankful to have found this place! I have struggled with anxiety and panic attacks for years and now, thanks to Amber, I am in a MUCH better place. Through accupuncture and herbs I have been able to regain control and not live a in contant state of stress and worry. Amber and her staff are incredibly knowledgeable and kind. They truly care about you and what is best for your specific situation even as your needs change.  I cannot recommend The Vitality Center enough!!” – Sarah D.

“I visited the team at the vitality center for an issue I had with my neck. I had already been through ultra sounds, chiropractic work and a handful of massages. I also went in as a skeptic, not knowing how acupuncture worked. Within the first few minutes of acupuncture I noticed a difference. I was able to use full range of motion in my neck without pain. Unbelievable. I now highly suggest acupuncture to people with aches and pains and I highly suggest you check out the vitality center.” -Chris P.

“Amber is wonderful in her practice. She takes the time to really understand the symptoms of her patients. After asking several questions, she suggested a blood test to see if I had any allergies. It was determined that I was allergic to dairy. With her acupuncture treatments and the suggested changes in my diet, I was feeling great within a matter of weeks. I always walk out of a treatment feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. I would suggest Amber to anyone that has a nagging ailment they can’t figure out or just needs a stress relief. Amber is a master of the needle” –D. G.

“I was under the care of the Vitality Center for 6 months, engaging in a thoughtful, comprehensive treatment plan delivered with great professionalism. The combination of acupuncture and hers was very effective, and Amber Hollis is conscientious and dedicated to the delivery of medical care tailored to the needs of the individual. Highly recommended for anyone seeking solutions to fundamental health issues.” –Jeff A.

“I have experienced several acupuncturists over the years with little or no result.  Recently I was treated at the Vitality Center for plantar fasciitis that I had been struggling with for a few months.  I had been visiting a Chiropractor with limited results and was very frustrated.  They were able to relieve a significant amount of pain IMMEDIATELY.” –Rob P.

“Truly an amazing experience. Amber has helped me with everything from sinus to arthritis pain. I’m not sure how it works, but it does. She has studied under some exceptional masters and knows what she is doing. Bright, funny, and caring are all attributes that make this young lady successful” –Bruce O.

“Amber & The Vitality Center are everything great medicine should be. While I believe Western medicine has it’s time and place, Amber’s practice helped me heal in so many more ways than any other doctor I’ve seen. She treats the entire you – from optimizing how to eat for your own body, herbal supplements, acupuncture – and does it with support, guidance, and a genuine cheer that I look forward to every week.” –Lizzie B.

“I had no idea how much pain I was in until it was gone.  Two years of the constant, searing pain of a frozen shoulder…gone in 3 sessions.  Range of motion vastly increased.  I can move about my life without the fear of accidentally moving my shoulder and feeling that pain.  I’m finally sleeping.  I roll around in my bed like a crazed person and sleep right through it.  Amber and Brittany have saved my sanity, and given me back my life!” –Kathy S.