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We use Radial Pulse Diagnosis as the first step toward detecting your specific health concerns before issuing a tailor-made treatment program. It is a unique diagnostic tool that few Chinese Medical clinics embrace yet one that offers the greatest insight into a person’s internal wellbeing. First, we inspect the blood flow through the radial artery at the wrist. Many people mistakenly assume that the pulse only offers one piece of information; a person’s heart rate. However, we can detect multiple specific qualities of the pulse which report the status of internal organ system function, the existence of any external ailments as well as signaling early signs of dysfunction within the body.

Our practitioners were taught the full extent of its possibilities by one of the leaders in the field, Robert Doane, while in residency at the largest privately-owned Chinese Medical clinic in the country – the Acupuncture & Wellness Center in Poulsbo, Washington. These unmatched skills permit our practitioners to expertly issue a precise diagnosis. Its efficacy guides the course of future treatment by alerting us to a patient’s internal and external health which in turn allows us to fine-tune every herbal prescription.