Pulse Diagnosis: Your Body Has a Secret

Our specialized style of Radial Pulse Diagnosis never ceases to amaze people. A simple touch of the radial artery at the wrist offers valuable information into the health of an individual. This is often the first thing we do when we meet people, and the response, usually accompanied by a skeptical smile, is something along the lines of …“You can tell that from my wrist?” “How do you know that?” Your artery is more than just a pumping tube carrying blood around the body. It is a profound mechanism that, when understood how to palpate properly, is wildly informative- seemingly magic.

We all too often are believed to be palm readers or psychics and this couldn’t be further from the truth. This diagnostic tool was taught to our practitioners by master diagnostician and clinician, Bob Doane. We have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to complete our residencies at his private clinic in Poulsbo, WA. Bob originally learned a similar style of pulse diagnosis from Dr. Zhang Wei Yen (aka Jimmy Chang). Dr. Jimmy Chang spent 40 years in the hospitals gathering information on what radial pulses felt like with certain known conditions and began seeing patterns and documenting his findings. He started systematizing pulse diagnosis so it could be easily taught and put to use in clinical practice.

Traditional Chinese Pulse Diagnosis is taught in Chinese Medical Schools, but I assure you, 99.9% of graduates have little faith in their diagnostic abilities. The way it is taught in schools is not consistent or systematic in its approach or by the teachers teaching. How can we trust it if no one is saying the same thing? How can your diagnosis be correct? And more importantly, how can the medicine work if your diagnosis is incorrect? It can’t.

Too few people have actually utilized Chinese medicine and too many people have had the unfortunate experience of not noticing much change. Chinese medicine has the capacity to deliver major and significant change under certain conditions- The practitioner has to accurately and confidently read the pulse for a correct diagnosis, and thereafter appropriately prescribe herbal medicine to support that diagnosis. This produces profound results.

Our expertise in this area is one of the many factors that differentiate, and different is better than better! We utilize this systematic, biomedical model of pulse diagnosis that allows us to describe to our patients in understandable terminology what is going on internally. Traditionally we learn to speak in terms of qi, yin, and yang. This is communicating in another language, literally, and does not allow the patient to truly understand their condition.

Medical Pulse Diagnosis is our biggest asset. We feel so privileged to have this important tool at our fingertips. To experience the power of Chinese medicine is to experience big results, major relief, and a changed life. Don’t settle for less.