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Regular List Prices:

PLEASE NOTE: With new patients we discuss the option of specific treatment and payment plans to ensure you can comfortably meet your individual wellness goals. If you choose to embark on a prescribed treatment plan, the following prices do not reflect those costs. The list below outlines the specific rates for those who choose to pay on a treatment-by-treatment basis.


Initial Consultation: Free!

Includes a pulse diagnosis followed by a discussion of your individual wellness goals and how we can help you to achieve them.

Initial Visit: Medical History + Acupuncture Treatment: $180

This is a two-hour visit during which we will take a full medical history before your first acupuncture treatment.

Medical History: $90

Before any treatment can be administered a medical history exam is required in order to gather all necessary patient information.

General Visit: Acupuncture Treatment: $90

General visits will include an overall check-up since your previous appointment and an acupuncture treatment.

Herbal Consultation: $45 (This does not include the cost of the herbal prescription)

Our practitioners are expert herbalists. They will prescribe herbal medicines that are completely designed to treat your condition based on the pulse diagnosis evaluation.

Nutritional Consultation: $120

A review of your current dietary habits and a one-on-one consultation concerning future nutritional goals.