We can treat your neuropathy without pills or surgery

Exclusive Treatment For...

Numbness + Tingling

Does it feel like your sock is bunched up under your feet? Does it feel prickly like your hands or feet fell asleep?

Burning + Electric Pain

Do you feel sharp, bolts of pain? Do your hands or feet often feel like they’re burning?

Muscle weakness

Do you feel like your muscles will give out or not support you when you walk?

Diabetic Neuropathy

Has your diabetes caused pain, tingling, or numbness in your hands and feet?

Our Patients Report...

Decreased Pain + Numbness

Sleep through the night, pain free and enjoy being active again with friends and family

Improved Circulation

Increased circulation to the extremities allows the nerves to heal naturally

Decreased Leg Stiffness

Move with greater ease and without pain and harsh impact on your feet and joints

Better Balance

Improved circulation means better balance. This means easier activity and less risk of falls, a major risk factor in neuropathy

How we Treat

Our unique treatment method addresses the underlying cause of the neuropathy and improves circulation to the extremities allowing the body to heal naturally. This allows an improvement in function without the need for dangerous drugs and side effects.

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