Meat Quality: Value of Managed Grazing

When it comes to meat- quality is everything. Thankfully, in Denver there are increasingly more and more options for 100% grass fed beef, pasture raised chickens and wild caught fish etc.

Here at The Vitality Center, we are proud to be customers of Corner Post Meats, whose meat quality is unparalleled. Not only is their meat delicious and clean, they go above and beyond with taking care of the planet and nurturing the earth. Check out this excerpt from their newsletter about the value of managed grazing:

“We spend the majority of our time on the ranch feeding, watering and moving animals. Literally all day everyday is spent doing those three simple tasks. But right now we have over 2,500 heart beats on the ranch so it is understandable that it takes a little bit of time. Most of those heartbeats are chickens (meat and laying), followed by pigs, turkeys, cows, sheep, dogs and horses. By managing our animals with electric fence we are able improve their plane of nutrition with fresh feed regularly as well as control the impact and disturbance they have on the land. It is definitely more work but we are able to produce more pounds of protein per acre WHILE we are improving the soil health thus growing more feed in the future! Animals really are the best tool! Now imagine you are me, on the back of your horse, Toad. You’ve seen pictures of my big paint horse Toad before. These two pictures are from the saddle looking down. See my chaps? My boot? Toad’s left shoulder? The picture on the left is native range in the big meadow that you can see from Hodgen as you drive in the driveway. We have not grazed any animals here. This is simply what nature produces on her own. The picture on the right is about 20 feet away where we grazed the sheep this winter and have spread spent brewers grains. In the left picture, notice that you can see my entire boot toe and all the way down to my horses hoof (upper right)? In the right picture you can see grass up to my boot (bottom left) and you can’t see past my horses shoulder. This was such a dramatic difference that Toad slowed down to proceed with caution as we entered the jungle of grass. It’s amazing what some disturbance from sheep hooves, some fertilizer from sheep poop and rest can do to awaken nature’s potential!”

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In agriculture, managed grazing, also referred to as holistic managed planned grazing, describes a variety of closely related systems of forage use in which ruminant and non-ruminant herds and/or flocks are regularly and systematically moved to fresh rested areas with the intent to maximize the quality and quantity of forage growth. Learn more about the benefits of managed grazing here.