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“I was new to acupuncture and totally nervous about it when I came to Amber. I don’t like needles but I have been having some problems with my breathing and couldn’t get any answers from National Jewish or any other doctor I saw. I was getting desperate and after meeting Amber I felt immediately comforted and like she really cared and was willing to listen. I’ve had doctors tell me my problems were all in my head and it was such a relief to meet a professional and caring person who had confidence in her ability to help me and really listened to what I said and BELIEVED me!

My symptoms have been rapidly improving since I started seeing Amber. There is less frequency and severity of my symptoms and I am SO grateful! It’s so refreshing to meet a person who is helpful and able, AND really cares and listens. She frequently changes up the treatment based on what I am feeling or need. She is always checking in with me to see how things are progressing.

I have been telling all my family and friends to go see Amber, I HIGHLY recommend her and her practice.”

– Coutney N.

There are many integral components and pathways to the immune system. Our goal is to create a strong body to ensure a healthy immune system that is neither underactive, causing frequent sickness, or overactive, leading to autoimmune problems. Receiving acupuncture for immune system health is a great way to achieve this goal.

By focusing on introducing a strong nutritional plan to reduce inflammation, it’s possible to restore and promote vitality throughout the entire body, as those components require essential nutrients for optimal function. Visiting our Nutritionist in Denver can help you get on the road to vitality.

Many studies on epigenetics show that certain genes can be expressed or unexpressed depending on our nutritional intake. This concept is crucial to understand especially if dealing with autoimmune disorders such as Rheumatoid Arthritis and MS.

We effectively treat immune system disorders with acupuncture and a nutritional outline specifically designed for each patient. These treatments combat a high percentage of immune issues, which can be further supplemented by the use of tailor-made herbal formulas created to boost immune function, along with a series of DNA-style acupuncture treatments.