Headaches and Migraines: Try Something That Works

Headaches and migraines can ruin your life. You can miss work, lose out on precious family time, and generally lose enjoyment in life. On top of that, there’s the brain-fog and migraine hangovers! I’m actually a lifelong headache sufferer myself, so let’s end the suffering!

Headaches: You Control Me No Longer!

Surprisingly, some people don’t get headaches. I call them “Lucky Ones.” Others? It usually begins in childhood or adolescence. Sure, they can be irregular and minor. If you’re like me, then 3-5 days per week are pure suffering. You get to the point where you are afraid to leave the house without aspirin. It’s true! And sadly, drug therapy is the main treatment in modern medicine. But it doesn’t have to be!

A look at the research

Chinese medicine has whole books dedicated to the treatment of headaches. Additionally, it has become an enormous topic of research. Numerous studies have shown acupuncture to work for migraine prevention. The Cochrane research group concluded that acupuncture “can be a valuable option for people with migraine.”

Headaches can be a complex problem to treat. This is where our approach becomes so successful. It’s multifaceted, so we treat all associated factors. Ever notice headaches with neck pain? Stress? Low blood sugar? When you wake up? Um, yep, uh huh, uh huh.

A typical approach will include herbs to combat the inflammation and tension found in the neck, calm the stress response, and relax muscular tension. Additionally, herbs are given that directly treat the headaches themselves (like these)! A great example is our Flex formula. Formulated specifically with powerful anti-inflammatory herbs (like this) to address swelling and inflammation commonly found in joints and the neck. Additionally, we structure the diet to keep sugar levels even.

I took my own headaches from 3-5 per week to maybe once every 6 months. Don’t let your pain rule your life! Contact Us and get feeling better!