Crispy Skin Salmon: What You’ve Been Missing Out On

If you haven’t had salmon with the skin on yet, you’re missing out! It’s always a win to kick one of your favorite foods up a notch. This recipe does just that! Take a common household protein, kick up the flavor and nutrition, add a nice texture contrast and now we’re in the big leagues! This thing deserves a Michelin star!

Beautiful Salmon

Salmon packs a nutrition punch! Few would argue that these days. It’s got an outstanding omega 3 content and packed with multiple nutrients (B3, 6, 12, D). It’s also got a decent selenium content, which is important if you are worried about mercury from fish. It also works well for weight loss due to it’s high fat and protein content.

Scoring the Fish

Probably the most important piece of information for this recipe is to skin the skin! This is important because it allows heat to penetrate and give the skin a nice crisp texture. Make multiple cuts along the skin and be sure to get your seasoning inside those cuts as well. It’ll make it all the more mouth watering!

Crispy Skin Salmon: What You've Been Missing Out On
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Cuisine: Salmon
  • 1-2 Salmon fillets
  • 1 TBSP Olive oil
  • Salt
  • Herbs as desired (thyme, rosemary, etc.)
  1. Using a sharp knife, make several cuts along the skin of the salmon (pictured above)
  2. Season the salmon with salt and desired herbs, making sure to spread the cuts to allow seasoning in there as well
  3. Heat a frying pan to medium heat
  4. Add Olive oil
  5. Place salmon in pan, skin side down (make sure it's flat)
  6. Watch the side of the salmon, once it has cooked ⅔ of the way up (5-10 min) then flip it
  7. Once flipped it usually only needs at most 5 more minutes of cook time. The skin should be firm when tapped with a utensil
  8. Serve skin-side up with your favorite veggies


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