At The Vitality Center, our goal is to encourage, inspire and guide people on their journey towards achieving a fully replenished state of true health. What is ‘true health’? For many Americans those two words might mean the truth of living with persistent pain, chronic fatigue or the general feeling that something’s not quite right. That is not the right way to live. We are the Denver pain management providers you can count on to give you ‘true health’.

That compromised state of health is not normal, whether physical or mental health, and yet a majority of people believe it is. The longer these conditions go untreated, the less time you have to enjoy a long and happy life. We want to help you realize that true health means waking each morning without the worry and stress of pain clouding your regular activities. From pain to depression to women’s health, Denver trusts The Vitality Center to help them feel their best.

Unlike western medicine, which prescribes to a “one size fits all” mentality toward a majority of health complaints, we approach all health concerns through tailor-made treatment plans to suit your specific queries. You can take charge of your body without surrendering to countless pharmaceuticals and their side effects. How is that possible?

Our first step is to trace the complaint back to its point of origin (whether it be pain or a dermatological issue) and pulse diagnosis makes that possible. This unique diagnostic tool enables us to determine the cause of the problem at its source.

Treating the root cause rather than chasing the symptoms is more efficacious and allows for lasting results. After your initial pulse diagnosis our practitioners are then able to construct a health plan that is particular to you and your pain management, mental health, and women’s health needs in Denver.

We successfully treat a wide variety of ailments on a regular basis with exceptional results via acupuncture, herbal medicine and nutritionals. Please click below or call us at 720-900-4372 for a more detailed description of the common conditions that we treat at The Vitality Center.