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Chinese medicine for dermatology is a great, natural way to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. Acne and eczema treatments in Denver have never been healthier or more effective than they are now with The Vitality Center.

“Acne was a new phenomenon for me when I entered my 20’s. It came into my life suddenly and drastically shifted my self-esteem and confidence. I spent countless amounts of money on face washes, dermatologist appointments, scrubs, medication, facials etc. I had actually given up and accepted my new fate when I found The Vitality Center. My acne completely disappeared within two weeks, and I haven’t had a break out since. I am forever grateful to Amber for doing what no one else could. I do not think there is a single thing she cannot treat.”

-Brittney M.

The seriousness of dermatological disorders can strike at any age. Both young and old alike struggle to cope with any number of skin complaints that deliver constant discomfort and as a result can lower self-esteem. Counter this with Chinese medicine dermatology treatments for acne, eczema, and many more skin conditions.

Skin issues can be caused by many different factors such as hormonal imbalances, food sensitivities, and poor digestion. It can be extremely frustrating to try to determine what the cause is. The diagnostic tools at our disposal enable us to isolate those root causes.

Denver Acne & Eczema Treatment

A large component of our strategy toward resolving dermal issues revolves around a total nutritional tune-up. Sometimes the elimination of a single food type can resolve a skin problem. We may recommend food sensitivity testing in some cases to help determine what foods to eliminate.

We can help implement a new dietary regime, which along with herbal medicine and possible topical treatments can rectify any number of dermatological problems. Call us today at (720) 900-4372 to see what Chinese medicine can do for your dermatology needs. Our acne and eczema treatments will help your skin be the healthiest it has been, naturally.