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“Western medicine does not take human variation into consideration; Chinese medicine is based on it.” – C.W.

Every single person on the planet is different. From the intricacies of their biology to the types of movies they like! So how is it that one type of medication or form of treatment can help everyone in the same way? Simple. It can’t. At The Vitality Center we understand that everyone has specific health issues unique to their body, which is why we tailor wellness plans to suit your needs. Chinese Herbal Medicine makes that possible as a method of treatment for pain management, illness, and many other ailments.

Our practitioners’ extensive knowledge and practice of herbal health and medicine means that you won’t receive the same prescription as someone else. For example, if you and a friend both suffering from headaches came for a visit, the chances are you won’t receive the same herbal formula. There are many reasons for the cause of headaches; we treat the root cause, not the actual symptom. We compound each herbal prescription to meet the requirements of every patient, which come complete with a guarantee of no side effects. Chinese Herbal Medicine in Denver is completely safe.

We pride ourselves on carrying a fully-stocked on-site herbal pharmacy, that includes top-of-the-line, heavily-tested pharmaceutical grade extracts. Call us today at 720-900-4372 to make your appointment.

Chinese Herbal Medicine is a great route to health and vitality without using artificial compounds to heal the body. Our natural treatments provide a customized way to treat ailments at their source. We treat the cause of the problem instead of just masking the symptoms.

Human variation is one of the biggest oversights in Western medicine. Our herbal health treatments are built upon it. Each treatment is tailor-made to each patient’s individual needs and body chemistry. Some treatment will work for one person but not for another. That is what makes Chinese Herbal Medicine so effective. Call The Vitality Center today at 720-900-4372 to get on the road to vitality.