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Heart Disease is the number one cause of death in the United States-and it is not something that occurs overnight. This is a disease that builds over a lifetime but is often forgotten or ignored. When this happens, the first symptom may be a heart attack, and it may be deadly. Our pulse diagnostic skills are utilized to detect heart problems before they are a major issue.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the heart is considered the most crucial organ and as such, it is one of our dominant areas of specialties.

The entire cardiovascular system – the heart itself, the blood it pumps, and the vessels that carry it around the body – are all essential in restoring true health and wellbeing.

The only way the body can effectively heal is with an optimal functioning cardiovascular system. During times of healing the cardiovascular system delivers all the necessary nutrients to areas of injury or disorder.

When the system is functioning improperly, we start to see major issues and symptoms arise.

The expert skills of a pulse diagnostician can detect many potentially serious problems in their early stages.

Once these ailments are determined we can begin designing a specific herbal prescription to combat them.

Conventional testing is not adequate for detecting problems in the early stages. For example, if a person fails a treadmill test, that is indicative of some advanced blockage in the arteries of 70% or more. And if they don’t fail it they may be told their heart is “fine”.

We do not consider any percentage of blockage or impeded blood flow to be fine. Our treatments are aimed at vasodilation to increase blood supply to the heart. People who do experience symptoms, such as chest pain, palpitations, anxiety, fatigue, etc, will see these symptoms subside quickly after we begin treatment. We can also detect changes in the radial artery pulse.

Together, objectively and subjectively, we know there is improvement and that damage is being reversed. Mild symptoms and mild discomfort are red flags. This is your body trying to get your attention to tell you that something is not right. This can go on for many years and the longer it does, the more severe these problems become.

Together, herbal medicine, acupuncture and nutritional changes can be extremely efficacious when it comes to cardiovascular health. The heart is the most precious organ, we only have one and we can’t survive with out it. Let us help you take care of it!