Acupuncture: The Science Behind The Needle

So Acupuncture, How Does It Work?

A single prick of a needle sends a message to the brain- “ouch” (don’t worry, not that ouchy- you can fit 40 acupuncture needles inside a needle that draws blood). This stimulates the brain to release natural painkillers. These are very strong opiate-like chemicals called enkephalins. When acupuncture is done correctly, this should happen immediately and the patient should experience pain relief instantaneously. When the pain stops, blood vessels dilate which allows fresh blood flow to come to the area and that is where the healing begins.

There is nothing magic or mysterious about it. As previously mentioned, the healing agents are already in your blood and it is just a matter of stimulating blood flow to that area. Acupuncture needles are just facilitating that action- from peripheral nervous system (sticking needle in skin) to central nervous system (sending the ‘ouch’ sensation to brain). For more information, check out our video here.