8 Snacks That Won’t Sabotage Your Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss, we have a few requirements: easy, healthy, and delicious. Teaching our patients about weight loss is little more than a 5 minute ordeal. The $64,000 question is always: What about snacks? Grin, eye roll, sigh. Here we go!

Snacks and Weight Loss, an oxymoron?

Alright, it’s not so much the frequency of food or the size of the meal, but the specific foods we are eating. Each bite, meal, snack, morsel, whatever has the opportunity to help or hinder us. We eat multiple times per day. Should we make the foods support our health? Our optimal weight? Weight loss is much easier than you think. We really need to keep our blood sugar balanced and keep our body burning the right fuel: FAT! And guess which macronutrient stops us from burning fat… Carbohydrates! Armed with that knowledge, snacking becomes much easier.

1. Hard/Soft Boiled Eggs

I’ve always been a fan of eating eggs as a snack. They are primarily a fat which makes them very satisfying and keeps the body in fat burning, weight loss mode. They also pack a good source of protein and a decent nutrient profile. Plus, they are incredibly simple. You can make a dozen at a time and have snacks ready to go for the week.

2. Avocados

Eat a damn avocado. If fat is the name of the game, avocados are a prime choice. Packed with fat which makes them satisfying, and also full of fiber (which also makes them satisfying). Additionally, they are packed with nutrients and have myriad health benefits. Plus, they’re delicious plain or eaten with just about anything. Just eat them!

3. Uncured Salami

Both in times of weight loss or when I just needed some quick fuel, uncured salami has been a favorite of mine. Nowadays you can find good quality salami just about anywhere. It’s got fat; it’s got protein. It satisfies that savory craving and is completely delicious. It’s so good it’s practically a bargaining tool in our cohort. Keep it on hand. It’ll save you in a pinch.

4. Kale Chips

I’ve written about kale once or twice before. If you are still unaware of kales excellent nutrition profile take a look around. It’s very possible you’ve been living under a rock. If they’re made properly, kale chips are a ridiculously delicious treat. In fact, my kids eat them faster than I can take them out of the oven. Further, they work perfectly while shooting for your weight loss goal! So make sure you’ve got the right recipe and you’re set for a perfect midday, nutritious snack.

5. Tuna Salad

Tuna is a saving grace for me. It’s so easy and convenient. It’s saved me many a time when I simply didn’t have enough time to make chicken for my salad, or just forgot to make lunch for the day. Mix it with Primal Kitchen Mayo or other quality avocado mayo and you’ve got a two minute snack. I really love spooning it out with celery. Again, it’s got protein and fat. Keep the weight loss coming!

6. The Cleaners

I’ve written about these tasty veggies here, but in case you missed it: celery, cucumbers, radishes. Tasty, crunchy, easy.

7. Seaweed Snacks

I saw someone mow down about 3 packages of these once. They’re really that good! This really is that perfect snack for when you just need to occupy your mouth. There really isn’t many macronutrients in them, but they are packed with a decent vitamin and mineral complex. Great for variety, and for a nice salty snack.

8. Macadamia Nuts

Awwww, the best for last. Can you guess why these are on the list? Hm? FAT!! These things are basically pure fat! They’re delicious, easy to take along, and keep your body in that fat burning, weight loss mode. But be careful! These things are so delicious you may be in danger of overconsumption. A handful is just fine!!



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