5 Less Commonly Known Sources of Omega 3’s

Omega 3 fatty acids are applauded for their wonderful health benefits, and most articles bring up the usual sources: salmon, chia and flax seeds, hemp seeds, walnuts, etc. But let’s look at some lovely animal sources not often mentioned in the omega 3 realm.

1. Switch to Grass-fed Butter

This is an incredibly simple switch and actually quite cost effective. Butter from conventionally raised cattle (CAFO) sports a pretty high amount of omega 6 fatty acids (pro-inflammatory); however, butter from our beloved grass-fed cattle rocks a 1:1 omega 3:6 ratio! Additionally, this golden goodness has 3-5 times more conjugated linoleic acid than its CAFO counterpart. CLA is a pretty rad fatty acid which has such benefits as: improvements in weight loss, better cardiovascular health, bone and muscle benefits to name a few. And more nutrients? Yep it’s got those too! Oh. And did I, uh, mention that it’s delicious?! Check the Kerrigold butter found at most supermarkets.

2. Eat Pastured and Grass-fed Meats

Well if you’re going to do the butter, better toss in the meats as well! Grass-fed beef is another awesome source CLA and sports several times more omega 3 than it’s grain-fed counterpart. In fact, it puts the omega 3:6 ratio closer to 1:1.5, stacking the deck, once again, in favor of the omega 3’s. The omega 3 benefits abound with other well raised animals such as chickens (and their eggs) and pastured pork. And again, uh, have I mentioned the difference in taste?

3. Duck and Goose Eggs

Let’s give the chickens a break! It’s time for the ducks and geese to step up! Though not as common, the eggs from these two birds are actually quite delicious! Duck eggs, still not a perfect ratio, but fantastic nutritional profile and delicious to boot. Goose eggs have the best omega 3:6 ratio (1:1.2) and are probably the ultimate egg for omelettes (only takes one). Some sources have suggested that these different types of eggs may actually be beneficial for those with egg allergies. Check out your farmers markets and get these babies in your kitchen!

4. Eat Lamb!!

I’ve written a little about this before, but once again lamb is actually pretty impressive! It’s got an omega 3:6 ratio of about 1:3.75 which makes it optimal for cardiovascular health. It’s also jam packed with CLA, Vitamins B3 and 12, selenium, zinc and phosphorus! Lamb has also been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years as a food to promote proper circulation, prevent cold joint aches in winter, promote sexual function, and to improve milk production after labor. It’s also probably one of the most flavorful meats out there in my opinion. Here’s a ridiculously delicious recipe to get you started!

5. Eat Black Cod!!

As with any other omega article, fish must be mentioned. We’d really like to take this opportunity to applaud a fish that doesn’t get much attention: the sablefish (black cod). According to this source, sablefish is actually the BEST source of omega 3’s amongst the alaskan fishes. Sure salmon is great and you should eat it (here’s a lovely recipe), but that sablefish gets the award!




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